NYC, Tokyo, London, & Liverpool will each get their own version of the OG AM95 in 2025!

Celebrating the Air Max 95's 30th Anniversary: City-Specific Releases for 2025.

Kate Rogers

Kate RogersBlog Writer • 6/14/2024

In 2025, the Nike Air Max 95 will mark its 30th anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone, Nike is planning something extraordinary. Instead of simply reissuing the classic OG "Neon" colour way, the Swoosh is introducing city-specific versions of the beloved model.

New York, Tokyo, London, and Liverpool have all played pivotal roles in transforming the Air Max 95 from a running shoe into a streetwear icon. To honour these cities, Nike will release special editions of the OG "Neon" Air Max 95 tailored to each location.

At this stage, it's unclear how Nike will differentiate each city's version. Will it be through subtle motifs such as "NYC," "TYO," "LDN," or "LVPL" detailing, or can we expect more intricate and personalized designs that reflect the distinct culture and vibe of each city? Regardless of the approach, the anticipation is building for what promises to be a series of highly sought-after releases.

Given the significance of the Air Max 95's 30th anniversary, it's highly likely that these city-specific releases will coincide with Air Max Day, making March 2025 an even more exciting month for 110 enthusiasts worldwide.

House of Heat were the first to release this info, only stating NYC, London and Tokyo but @brendandunne on X posted 'And also Liverpool.'. This confirmation has only fuelled the anticipation, as Liverpool joins the lineup of cities celebrated in this special 110 release.